I believe that we are our state of mind
We act out of it
In addition, I believe that my clothes have a character of their own. I live differently wearing them: I look at myself in the mirror and see a different person. Someone who inspires me. Desh clothing conveys state of peace, as well as change, quite joy and thrill at the same time.

We have a fine appreciation of when a unique character is being generated in our clothes.

Our motto is simple - every piece of clothing is a guide. Are you ready to become the person who inspires you?

_Size guide
Each piece of clothing is individual, for convenience, take a centimeter and take measurements to maximize the ideal size.
I look at myself in the mirror and see a different person.
inspire yourself
look. INSPIRE. feel.
The DESH brand does not just produce things, but things that create wealth.
  • You can pick up goods from the pickup point or order delivery in the city within the Moscow Ring Road. Mail delivery is also available.

4 building 1, Maly Tolmachevsky lane, Moscow, Russia

For any questions:,
+7 916 495 40 60
Company info:
I.E. Shapkarin D.I.
TIN 132807614702
I.E.R.N. 318774600462381
O.G.R.N. 318774600462381

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